Four Major Components of Media Training Courses

Media training is a type of communications training designed to equip media-facing individuals with the necessary skills to address the press and the public effectively. It is often given to officers in charge with media relations or high rank officials who are invited for interviews (print or broadcast) or conference addresses.

Most media training sessions in Hong Kong are designed with flexibility and adaptability. This is to provide for the different media training needs of the clients. For instance,a CEO invited for an international conference may need a different set of communication skills from a communications director who would regularly deal with the press for events,promotions,and projects. In many cases,the training course can be customized accordingly and provided as an individually focused session.

Here are some of the most basic components of a media training course.

Media Education

Learners are introduced to the concept of media and journalism so they can familiarize themselves with the whys and hows of the press people. Understanding the media landscape is important so that the trainee knows how to understand journalist behavior,navigate through questions,avoid pitfalls,and deliver an effective message.

Brand Voice and Messaging

This component focuses on how trainees can use messages to strategically position the company or brand they represent before the eyes and ears of the media. It involves the development of a brand voice,the use of narratives,and emphasis on the brand’s unique goals.

Crisis Management Messaging

Trainees are taught who how to develop a message and carefully communicate efforts on managing a developing or current crisis. They are trained to handle crisis-related interviews and media events.

On-cam Training

This component of media training is focused on how to have a commanding presence on camera during interviews,be it live or taped. It includes the proper use of voice,body language,and attire. It also teaches trainees how to maximize such media opportunity to send out positive message on behalf of their company or organization.

These are only some of the most basic components of media training. Other lessons include proper use of voice and public speaking basics. Learn more by consulting with a media training agency.

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